Alliston Machinery offers a wide variety of heavy duty farm produce processing and handling equipment. Our machines are well suited for processing root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, shallots, beets, turnips as well as various other produce such as watermelon, green beans and asparagus.

From the field, to the processing line or the storage we have a custom solution for your needs. The rugged design of our equipment stands up to the test of time in the field.  See below for our main line of new potato handling machinery.


Description: Hydraulically operated 48″ wide intake elevator for gentle and even filling 60″ wide unloading belt Heavy duty axles/tires and tongue Leveling jacks Enclosed Control Panel Options: Tarp Extensions 35000 lb and 50000 lb capacity units available Variable Frequency Drives […] read more

Bin Filler

The Bin Filler typically contains a dirt eliminator, sizer and grading table before the boom.  By cleaning, sizing and grading the potatoes in one process you are able to save time and increase the quality of product in your storage.  […] read more

Bin Piler

The Bin Piler consist of a Lead-In Elevator and a Boom.  It is typically used for piling potatoes into storage or loading trailers after your product has already been cleaned and graded.  All of the transfer and drop points on […] read more

Box Dumper

A box dumper is a convenient solution for those who don’t have a forklift with a rotator, or simply want to avoid human error while operating a forklift and trying to dump.  Contact us to inquire about options such as […] read more


A Brusher is a necessary piece of equipment for those that require further cleaning of product beyond getting rid of loose dirt.  We manufacture the machine to fit your needs and whether you want to incorporate a spray rack, a […] read more

Bulk Box

At Alliston Machinery we have been making Bulk Boxes for over 20 years.  A true test to our build quality is the fact that you still see the first boxes we’ve ever built on the roads and in the fields […] read more


A destoner is a great tool for rock separation, especially when space is tight.  By utilizing the specific gravity of your vegetables this machine removes the rocks and pre-soaks your product.   read more

Dirt Eliminator

Our Dirt Eliminators are infinitely customizable.  We will guide you through the process of ordering exactly what you need.  Some of the options available to you are pinch and “ellis” rollers, pinch adjust and a sizer bed. Options: 24″, 30″, […] read more

Drum Washer

 Description: 42″ Diameter x 12′ Long Banded Steel Drum Drum Enclosure/Water Containment Height Adjustable Frame Built in waste water pan 2″ Plastic water pipe inside the Drum Intake Hopper Adjustable discharge doors Heavy duty #80 Drive Options: 8′ Long Drum […] read more

Mobile Elevator

Description: 36″ Wide Hydraulic lift frame lets the elevator operate in tight and restrictive spaces Swivel wheels and tongue for ease of moving Lockable swivels for perfect positioning Options: 30″ Wide Customizeable intake hopper Planter filler hook-up Electric or hydraulic […] read more

Mobile Grader

Giving you the advantage to grade your crop virtually anywhere, the Mobile Grader can be customized with various different cleaning and sizing options. read more

Planter Loader

Over the course of a typical day of planting, the Planter Loader can save you up to 8 hours of valuable time.  Load it while the planter is in the field.  Raise it up and fill your planter in seconds […] read more

Processing Line

Description: Custom designed for your application, our processing lines are built to fit into the space you have available, no matter how tight or restrictive. We measure the available space, correspond with the customer regarding their specific processing or storage […] read more

Rolling Table

  Description: 48″ Wide x 10′ Long Aluminized “rust resistant” rollers Main frame panel enclosure Discharge Chute Options: Customizeable width and length 8″, 10″ or 12″ Center Divide Cull Lane with 12″ Wide cull Conveyor Cull chutes and Table width […] read more

Round Table

Description: Designed for your bagger application 60″ Diameter Height Adjustable frame Options: 72″ Diameter Raised Edge Variable speed controller read more


  Description: 48″ Wide “Quick Connect” chain release Chain Centering side rollers Height Adjustable leg frame 24″ wide sizer conveyor Discharge chute Options: Customizeable width and length of chain Customizeable conveyor width Shaker Roller Lead-In Elevator 2 or 3 stage […] read more

Telescopic Conveyor

Description: 36″ Wide 200 Series belt Telescope from 55′ to 100′ Top conveyor carriage frame Wide intake hopper for freedom of potato delivery angle Swivel wheel mount with trailer tongue and hydraulic lift Conveyor “V-Side” for increased flow capability Rubber […] read more

Tote Filler

Description: 18″ Wide “no drop” belt frame hydraulic belt lift hydraulic tote lift Hydraulic controls panel Options: “Photo eye” sensor hookup to automate belt lift Castor frame Remote control Weigh scale read more

Vegetable Flume

Description: Designed for your application Eliminates dirt clumps, rocks, and other debris Clean beets, carrots, or potatoes Options: Steel or belted chain Customer specified dimensions Choose your number of pumps Choose your number of clean-out doors Variety of intake and […] read more